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 lubricants cooperate with equipment manufacturers to create high-technology products for optimal performance and protection of your machinery. Also, TOTAL is the major player in supplying a full range of lubricants in more than 150 countries to cover all kinds of need.


TOTAL lubricants ISO 9001 certification is the guarantee of a long term commitment to quality. From the initial design, Total’s research teams seek to develop products that minimize toxicity risks and environment impact.


I.H.M. is the appointed Industrial Oil Distributor for TOTAL from year 2019. With the direct support from TOTAL, I.H.M. will offer TOTAL products and after sales services per TOTAL standards.


The range of products:

  1. Diesel Engine Oil

  2. Hydraulic Oil

  3. Industrial Gear Oil

  4. Transmission Oil

  5. Compressor Oil

  6. Turbine Oil

  7. Gas Engine Oil

  8. Grease 

  9. Cutting Oil

  10. Heat Transfer Fluid