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I.H.M has been involved in supplying customers with finished casting products. In that time we grown to offer quality precision casting products to clients in a range of industries specially adapted for the palm oil mill industry but it can also be used for other industries.


Our team of senior engineers and management has a combined experience in the casting industry over than 10 years.


Press Station - Replacement parts (Worm Screw, Press Cages, Digester Arms and etc).

Boiler Station – We are supplying all type of Fire Bar and Dust Collector Cone for all type water tube Boiler (Vickers Hoskin, Boilermech, Advance Boiler, Mechmar and etc).

Sterilizer Station  - We are supply over 100 pattern of Bogie Wheel and Axial Block to suit market request.

Kernal Station -  Ni-hard / Cast Steel Hydro Cyclone Cone for highly wear and tear require.

Conveyor System – Various types of Conveyor Sprocket (suit all type of Conveyor Chain) and Hanger Bearing.


Press Station
Press Station
Steriliser Station
Kernal Station
Conveyor System